Peek-a-View 4D Imaging

See Your Baby

RCH’s Peek-A-View 4D Imaging uses advanced ultrasound technology allowing expecting parents to observe live multi-dimensional images of their baby. Parents can essentially see their baby’s face such as lips, chin and eyes and even catch movement such as a wave, thumb sucking or hiccups.

Video streams to a large overhead monitor allowing parents, family and friends to easily view the baby throughout the session. This video can be recorded to share with family who may not be able to attend. Peek-A-View Gift Cards make a great baby shower gift and are available from RCH Admissions.

Take a peek at what the baby looks like before birth by viewing a live 4D imaging stream. With clarity and resolution, an experienced sonographer can capture facial features, movement and gender determination safely through advanced 4D ultrasound technology.

  • Optimal Gestation 25-34 Weeks
  • Gender Determination (only upon parent’s request)
  • Black And White Printed Images
  • Digital Copy Of Images For Sharing And Printing
  • Invite Up To Five Family Members And Friends To Share The Experience

Peek-A-View 4D Imaging is $199 per 30 minute session.

Staff will make every effort to obtain the best images possible. However, every baby scans differently. Factors that influence the images are: baby’s position, amount of amniotic fluid, the placenta and maternal body mass.

​Click here to download and complete a 4D Imaging Requisition form to be signed by you and your provider.

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Peek-A-View gift certificates available from Admissions.