Emergency Room

Level IV Trauma

As a Level IV Trauma Center, RCH provides initial evaluation, stabilization, and diagnostic services for people with severe injuries. Trauma-trained nurses and board-certified physicians are ready to treat those patients upon arrival to the emergency department. RCH also delivers a variety of surgeries and critical care services for trauma patients as necessary. RCH can also arrange for appropriate transfer to a higher-level trauma care facility when needed. A helicopter ambulance is available 24/7 and patients can be transferred to multiple hospitals in a timely manner.

Kansas Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness, designed Rooks County Health Center as a Level IV Trauma Center. This designation recognizes RCH’s efforts to better serve severely injured patients with high-quality trauma care. To earn this recognition, the trauma team at RCH actively advocated for trauma system development, enhanced emergency services to include trauma care, and worked to deliver it quickly and efficiently. As a result, KDOH certified that RCH meets all standards of care related to trauma treatment in the State of Kansas.

​Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital (Kansas Initiative for Stroke Survival)

Stroke mortality rate is higher in rural Kansas than urban community counterparts.  This created a need for a statewide system of stroke care. Rooks County Health Center recently jumped on board to become part of the solution.
The American Heart Association and the Kansas State Stroke Task Force announced Kansas hospitals that are Emergent Stroke Ready and able to adequately care for a stroke patient brought to their facility. RCH was one of those hospitals that provided the necessary documentation to be named as Emergent Stroke Ready as part of the Kansas Initiative For Stroke Survival (KISS).

“Best ER in the state of Kansas. Was sent to Hays with a fractured leg. Doctor didn’t even remove the splint and wrap from RCH, commented on the professional job done at RCH. Wish I could have had my surgery here (RCH).”

“All of your staff treated me as if I was the only patient in the hospital and that I was royalty – it meant a lot! Wow! Thanks! The staff got me in – addressed me quickly – ran blood work – started IV. I got better fast and even got time to sleep as they stabilized my condition. Your hospital staff was quick, caring and very kind and efficient. I would tell anyone to use your facility. Thank you!”