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Affordable Wellness Tests
Cancer Council – Rooks County
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiology Clinic
Childbirth Education

“I have been to many hospitals and I must say this was the most outstanding hospital I have been in. The doctor, all the nurses, rehab, diagnostic imaging, the people in the kitchen and the housekeepers were just outstanding.”

“Best of any hospital I have ever been in.”

“Everyone was most concerned and courteous and this is from the moment you come until you leave. Thank you for your kindness.”

“I was doubtful about a ‘small town’ hospital, but was pleasantly surprised at my experience. Everyone and everything was so professional and ‘high tech’! Thank you RCH.”

“Best treatment I’ve ever received in a hospital”

“As always, everything was as pleasant as possible. Everyone remembered me and made my experience professional as well as personal. I love your hospital, and it is worth the 80 miles I drive to come here.”

“Wonderful place and treatment. Great care.”