Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Rooks County Health Center (RCH ) Cardiac Rehabilitation program is geared to maximize each participants’ personal health goals. Our trained staff provides lifestyle guidance to start each member on the path to their best life through individualized exercise, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle education. Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab services are available after a cardiac event to patients with qualifying diagnosis through their physician’s orders. Exercise equipment is also available to the public through both a membership Wellness program.

RCH Wellness

The Wellness program at RCH Cardiac Rehab is geared toward starting and/or maintaining healthy life habits which have been proven in evidence-based research to provide the best possible outcomes and quality of life. Whether you are graduating from rehabilitation services or are looking to start an exercise routine, the RCH rehab department offers a safe environment to work out. For a monthly cost of $35 for individuals or $50 for couples (members of the same household) members enjoy business hour access to RCH Rehab Facilities. RCH staff will provide an initial orientation to the facilities, then members will be expected to participate in exercise independently with minimal staff supervision.

Aleesha Wilson, PT, DPT, ATC

Phone: 785-688-4425

Cardia Rehab Fax


RCH Phase 2

The Phase 2 program is a physician-ordered program that is covered by most insurance companies and Medicare following a cardiac event and/or procedure. Phase 2 is a closely supervised, in-depth program focusing on building healthy habits and making lifestyle changes to reduce future cardiac risk. Qualifying diagnoses include:

● A heart attack in the last 12 months
● Coronary artery bypass surgery
● Current stable angina (chest pain)
● A heart valve repair or replacement
● A coronary angioplasty (a medical procedure used to open a blocked artery) or coronary stent (a procedure used to keep an artery open)
● A heart or heart-lung transplant
● Stable chronic heart failure

If you believe that you qualify for Cardiac Rehab and would like more information, or if you just need help getting on the right track to personal wellness, please speak to your doctor, or contact us at 785-688-4425.