About The Foundation

The Mission of Rooks County Healthcare Foundation

Our mission is to lead the way to better healthcare for Rooks County.

Simply put, Rooks County Healthcare Foundation (RCHF) has been working since 1990 to support the health and well-being of the residents of Rooks County by helping fund life-saving and health-enhancing initiatives and programs for non-profit healthcare entities throughout the county.

A stand-alone 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, RCHF is committed to supporting the success of non-profit healthcare entities and initiatives in Rooks County.

Benefits to the Community

RCHF is a foundation that Rooks County can build on. Solid, dependable, and ready to shoulder the burden of helping make sure you, your family, friends, and neighbors have available the resources for a healthier and safer life. Rooks County Healthcare Foundation believes that healthy people make for a healthier community.

Children should be able to rely upon having a solid foundation for a safe and healthy childhood and future. Senior citizens should be able to access the quality of care that enables them to face their emerging healthcare needs with confidence and dignity. Everyone benefits from a safer, healthier community. Rooks County Healthcare Foundation is here to help make Rooks County a shining example of what a rural community can accomplish for its citizens when everyone pitches in.

Your gifts make a difference!

The donations that you make to Rooks County Healthcare Foundation are put to work to better the lives, health, and safety of the citizens of Rooks County. When you give to RCHF you are supporting your community, your family, friends, neighbors, and one day perhaps, even yourself.

If you have donated to RCHF you have:

  • Helped build the Stockton Medical Clinic
  • Helped deliver fuel vouchers and nutritional supplements to county residents undergoing cancer treatment
  • Supplied “Stop the Bleed” kits to every county school system and law enforcement agency
  • Brought advanced diagnostic technologies such as 3-D mammography and on-site MRI services to the county
  • Provided critical emergency care equipment for the county emergency medical services
  • Supported county-wide life-saving initiatives by purchasing AED’s for local schools and recreation centers


But the most important results of your donation to RCHF are the lives that are saved, healed, and re-built and the hope that has been restored to so many.

When you make a gift, you have supported your family, friends, and neighbors who are fighting cancer. You have given our schools, law enforcement, and EMS services the tools they need to save lives. You have made it possible for young and old alike to rehabilitate their bodies and rebuild their lives after the effects of disease or traumatic injury. You have made a difference!

Foundation Board:

President:  Carson LeMaar
Vice-President:  Kathy Ramsay
Treasurer: Linda Rudman
Secretary: Kandie Morain
Members:  Charlie Allphin
                    Donna Brown
                    Chuck Comeau
                    Emily Holloway
                    Sheila Latham
                    Wynn McReynolds

Executive Director: Eric Sumearll

Giving for the Future

Join us as we help build Rooks County a destination for healthy living. RCHF is committed to helping you and your family lead a healthier, safer life. Our goals are the same as yours: healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy future for everyone.

Your gifts help fund investments in patient care, community education, charitable care, wellness, and more, so that the care you and your loved ones need will always be available, when and where you need it.

The Rooks County Healthcare Foundation is classified as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization by the IRS. As such, the foundation accepts a variety of gifts that are tax-deductible as allowed by law, including the following:

  • Gifts of Cash – outright or pledged over a period of five years.
  • Gifts of Securities – including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and IRAs.
  • Gifts of Personal Property – i.e., coin collections, antique cards, artwork, etc.
  • Gifts of Real Property – including real estate, home, business property, farmland, and pastures, etc. with RCH reserving the right to liquidate at any time.
  • Gifts of Trusts – including charitable remainder trusts, unitrusts, lead trusts, family trusts, annuity trusts, living trusts, etc.
  • Gifts of Insurance – RCH must be both the owner and beneficiary for the donor to receive a charitable deduction.
  • Gifts of Bequests – i.e. gifts received at death directed by a will or living trust.

Any one of these gifts or a combination may be used to create a current or deferred gift to the campaign. A current gift is a gift to be received during the five-year pledge window of the campaign. A deferred gift, also called an estate gift, planned gift or ultimate gift, is a gift that will not likely be realized during the five-year window.

We encourage you to discuss these various giving methods with your accountant, financial advisor, or attorney and select the most effective way for you to make a gift to the foundatio


RCHF is an independent, not-for-profit corporation. Your support ensures that the Foundation can meet its mission of leading the way to better healthcare in Rooks County. Thank you for considering investing in your county’s hospital, emergency services, recreation centers, Cancer Council, nursing homes and other health and safety initiatives and programs that are so necessary for so many of us. RCHF has helped fund all of these entities and others over the years.

We pledge to be thoughtful stewards of your gift, and we value the trust you have placed in us. Gifts to the Foundation are used as designated by the donor. The Foundation Board exercises prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities and assures donors that their gifts will be used exclusively for the purpose they designate. Donors are assured that information about their donations are handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by law.


The Rooks County Healthcare Foundation is headed by a Board of Directors that consists of area leaders from various communities in our service area. The Foundation Board has the responsibility for governing the Foundation’s policy making, financial management, and fund development activities.

This group of volunteers, with a diverse background in medicine, education, banking, farming, insurance, and business lend their expertise and dedication to furthering the mission of RCHF. Assisted by the Foundation’s Executive Director, these volunteers receive no compensation for their time and talents.

Donor Form

Click here to download a copy of our Donor Form to print and submit. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Eric Sumearll at 785-688-4428.