Diagnostic Imaging

Rooks County Health Center invests in state-of-the-art equipment with highly trained technologists to serve your every need. RCH’s digital scanning station coupled with teleradiology allows for quick interpretations in urgent cases. All services are offered in-house Monday-Friday. No mobile trucks! 

Utilizing PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), RCH radiologists view computer generated images rather than film allowing for greater detail and more accurate readings. These electronic records are more easily shared with additional medical providers as specified for the patient.

Karen Harris

Diagnostic Imaging Manager

Monday – Friday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

*A staff member is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage emergency department.

“Everyone was great. Doctor was helpful in making me understand my issue. The nurses were great and fast when I got there. Everyone in Radiology was nice too. I love RCH and never consider going any place else.”

MRI & Nuclear Medicine Suite

  • Same-day scheduling

  • Final reports within 24 hours

  • Large bore accommodates claustrophobic patients and patients of all sizes up to 440 pounds

  • Fewer rescans necessary due to stress reduction features

  • Patient-controlled environment includes choosing the color of the room and watching the video of their choice while wearing noise reduction headphones

On-site MRI

RCH’s MRI and Nuclear Medicine suite puts the patient in control. Patients, with their doctors, can now schedule an exam Monday through Friday for immediate access to the latest state-of-the-art imaging systems. RCH’s MRI suite allows the patient to control their environment from the color of the room to watching the video of their choice while resting comfortably wearing noise reduction headphones. RCH’s MRI is designed to eliminate as much stress as possible.

The MRI, featuring the largest bore on the market. If you need an MRI scan, have a conversation with your doctor to schedule your session with Rooks County Health Center.

On-site Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine’s imaging is unique because it provides information not only about the structure of the organ but also how well the organ is functioning. Nuclear imaging can identify abnormalities very early in the progress of disease long before medical problems become apparent. A tracer solution is administered to a patient either by mouth or intravenously which temporarily deposits in the organ, tissue or bones to be evaluated.

A special camera detects the material in the organ, bone or tissue and forms images that provide data and information that can determine the presence of disease based on biological changes, rather than changes in anatomy. For added comfort during the exam, patients have the option of listening to their favorite music or watching a favorite television show. Ask your doctor to schedule your Nuclear Medicine session with Rooks County Health Center.

Proactive Health Screenings

Save yourself from a stroke. 80% of strokes are preventable and Rooks County Health Center offers a painless, 10-minute stroke screening for $25.You can also be screened for an aortic aneurysm or hardening of the arteries in your legs.

Three painless, live saving screenings for $25 each or $65 for all three. No appointment or doctor’s order required. Immediate results, no waiting, offered daily Monday through Friday.

Stroke Screening – Carotid Artery Scan $25

Painless 10 minute test to show any problems (plaque build-up) in the carotid arteries. These arteries, located in the neck, supply the brain with blood flow. Over time, build-up of plaque on the artery walls can begin to restrict this blood flow, possibly causing a stroke. This scan can also detect early signs of plaque buildup.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scan $25

Painless test consists of a small Ultrasound probe moved across the abdomen to detect ballooning of the aorta, also known as an aneurysm.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Test $25

PAD or hardening of the arteries is a condition that restricts the blood flow to the legs. A small Ultrasound device is used to measure blood pressure in the legs to check for poor circulation to the legs.

SAVE – All three scans for only $65!

Lung Cancer Screening

If you are or were a smoker, you may qualify for free lung cancer screenings available only at Rooks County Health Center. This painless, 15-minute exam can lead to early lung cancer detection saving over 26,000 lives a year. Rooks County Health Center’s certified lung cancer screening program may be 100% covered by your insurance or Medicare. Click here to learn more about Rooks County Health Center’s certified lung cancer screening program.

Peek-a-view 4-D Imaging

Take a peek at what your baby looks like in utero by viewing a live 4D imaging stream. With clarity and resolution, Rooks County Health Center’s experienced sonographer can capture facial features, movement and gender determination safely through advanced 4D ultrasound technology. A 4-D imaging session also makes a great gift for a baby shower. Click here to learn more.

3-D Mammography Service

  • Detects Cancer Sooner

  • Better for Dense Breast Tissue

  • More Accurate 

Capturing over 300 images, 3-D Mammography detects cancer sooner catching 41% more instances of invasive breast cancer and 29% more instances of all breast cancers. This new 3-D technology detects smaller clusters of cancer cells in normal breast tissue as well as cancers in dense breast tissue which are frequently missed by 2-D machines. And because it is more accurate, fewer patients suffer the psychological, emotional and economic costs that occur when falsely diagnosed. Catching cancer early saves lives.

Smash -n- Dash

After Hours Mammogram Event
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. | 2nd Tuesday each month

RCH invites you to save 2nd base the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Now with our new 3D Mammogram! Enjoy fast screenings to accommodate your busy schedule. Appointment required, limited space available. Call 785-688-4424 to schedule. If unable to attend the after-hours event, mammograms are offered daily, Monday through Friday 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

Services Available:

  • Digital X-Ray

  • CT (Computed Tomography) Scan of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine, extremities and CTA – Angiography and Low Dose Lung Cancer Screenings

  • Ultrasound (Cardiac, OB/GYN, Stroke Screening, Vascular, Echocardiography, Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, and Elastography)

  • Cardiovascular screenings (These screenings check for Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, narrowing of the carotid arteries in the neck which feed the brain, and blockages in the arteries of the legs.)

  • MRI of the brain, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, extremities and MRA. 

  • 3D Digital Mammography (Including diagnostic mammograms.)

  • Nuclear Medicine (cardiac imaging, bone scans, thyroid uptake scans, gastric emptying scans, renal scans, RNGB (gall bladder) scans, brain scans and treadmill stress tests)

  • DXA – bone density

  • EKG Electrocardiogram

  • Peek-a-View 4-D Imaging

Additional Procedures:

  • Vertebral Augmentation/Kyphoplasty

  • Lung Cancer Screenings

  • Myelograms

  • Salpingogram

  • Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

  • Esophagrams

  • Video Swallows

For more information about the above procedures, please visit www.radiologyinfo.org.