Mental Health Counseling

Treating the whole patient.

Rooks County Health Center believes in treating the whole patient and has teamed up with 2 mental health professionals to offer innovative and cost-effective psychological services, evaluations and treatments at Rooks County Health Center.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the therapist directly at the phone numbers listed below.

Josh Tanguay, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Associates, PA

Cary Schwarz, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

High Plains Mental Health Center

Adam Adams, LMSW, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

High Plains Mental Health Center

The Benefits of Mental Health Counseling:

  • Cultivate Healthier Relationships / Reduce Pain – Work through depression, anxiety, excessive stress, sleeplessness, and chronic pain. These and other psychological problems interfere with daily life and regular counseling gives the patient the tools to handle the life’s ups and downs while increasing their sense of joy and contentment in all facets of their life.
  • Reduce Medical Expenses – Research indicates that untreated mental health conditions often results in nearly twice the number of doctor visits than those who attend regular counseling. Additionally those who seek counseling are less likely to engage in behavior which may lead to further medical complications through the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
  • Live More Fully – Improving one’s mental state results in reduced stress and a strengthened immune system. Counseled patients are more likely to be productive at work and satisfied in their personal lives.

Visit with your insurance provider to learn what counseling services may be covered or contact RCH’s Business Office for assistance. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call one of the counselors listed above.