Medication Drop-Off

RCH’s Free Year-Round Medication Drop-Off Box

Anonymously dispose of expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

Drop-Off anytime between, 8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Saturday, next to Clinic A.

Drop-off Tips

  • Empty all pills into a sealable plastic bag. Keep liquids, creams and powders in original container.
  • Recycle pill bottles.
  • Discard pill caps.
  • Drop-off in RCH’s designated receptacle.

Save Lives & Protect the Environment

  • Flushing unused drugs can contaminate the water supply.
  • Unused drugs disposed of in the trash can be retrieved and abused.
  • Prescription drugs used without a doctor’s supervision can be just as dangerous as street drugs.
  • The majority of teens abusing prescription drugs take them from home medicine cabinets.