Functional Testing System

Safely Returning to Work

Rooks County Health Center’s EvalTech Functional Testing System offers complete functional capacity evaluations to see whether a person can safely perform certain movements either required for work or as part of physical therapy treatment. RCH’s Functional Testing System measures range of motion, lifting capabilities, tolerances for bending, reaching, and other motions. 

Functional capacity tests are particularly beneficial for businesses and the safety of their employees. Testing can reduce job site injuries up to 80% in the first year of employment with Post Offer of Employment Testing. It also allows current employees to return to work with more confidence in their abilities after an injury, reducing employee disability durations up to 65%. Standard testing is available or it can be customized to the work or task performed for a specific industry.

Prior to acquiring the EvalTech Functional Testing System measurements had to be made manually and documented by hand. With the new system, everything is automated which saves participants time and money. The system is precision calibrated allowing for more objectivity because it is less subjective to misinterpretation by therapists or patients. The objectiveness of this assessment system exceeds compliance standards so employers feel better about safety in the workplace while employees gain confidence in their ability to perform required tasks without injury.

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