Rooks County Health Center’s Outpatient Nursing Services administers limited chemotherapy agents at the direction of your oncologist. This includes intravenous medications, including those requiring special handling, preparation, and monitoring. If interested in receiving cancer services close to home, print this page and present it to your oncologist during your next visit.

Rooks County Health Center’s Outpatient Nursing Services includes a pharmacist and registered nurses certified to administer cytotoxic and biotherapeutic agents. Rooks County Health Center offers a variety of oncology related services including:

  • Chemotherapy Administration
  • Adjunctive Therapy, including colony – stimulating factors, biphoshonate therapy, estrogen-receptor antagonists and many more
  • Hydration fluids/antimietic therapy
  • Blood transfusions
  • Lab work
  • Radiology testing, including MRI, CT, Bone Scans and others (except PET Scans)

To make an appointment with RCH’s Outpatient Nursing Services, please speak to your oncologist about a referral. For more information on chemotherapy and infusion, please call 785-688-4418.

For more information or to share with an oncologist for a referral call:


“We are so blessed to have a facility close to home that can provide for our medical necessities.”