Wellness Center Marks 1st Anniversary

A celebration marking the success of the Rooks County Health Center (RCH) Wellness Class will be held from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on August 22 2017. Refreshments, entertainment and activity will be on hand, as well as information on how to live a healthier lifestyle. The celebration is open to all members of the public and will take place at the RCH Education building on the Northwest corner of the intersection of K-18 and Hwy 183.

 On August 23 2016 the newly formed RCH Wellness program, a subsidiary of the Cardiac Rehab Department at RCH, launched its first public exercise program. The free, community focused program was developed because of the need for a comprehensive, weather independent Cardiovascular focused exercise in the community. The program addresses several factors including: weather, cost, physical fitness, balance, nutrition and education. There is no charge for attending Wellness Program sessions.

Understanding the benefits of exercise across the lifespan and the need for a supervised, low impact cardiovascular focused exercise program, RCH Wellness Exercise class was developed.  In a collaborative effort between Cardiac Rehab, Physical Therapy and the Physicians of RCH the general philosophy of the program was put in place. Easy to understand and follow low impact exercise classes have been offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm at the RCH Education Center.  Each class consists of Warm up, Full body exercise, cool down and stretching.

The classes are developed to emphasize cardiovascular benefit, strengthening and balance enhancement.  Educational and socialization opportunities are also offered at each meeting.  The class has gathered a dedicated following with an average of 7-10 participants each day, though a full class of 15 participants is not unusual.

The RCH Wellness members are vivacious group of men and women who never fail to impress with their dedication and willingness to try new things said Angela Hahn, RN and the coordinator of the program. “If someone would walk in, what would they think” is a common statement heard in class that is always met by laughter from the group.  New exercises do take some coordination but the world will never know as we are a group who will proclaim “this is why I was never a dancer!” 

Hahn also reports that the conversation never falters, flitting from subjects from lawn care to health care, to the best cure for muscle cramps. Consensus is that pickle juice “does the trick”.  Whether it is the constant “remember to breathe!”, which always finds someone holding their breath, or catching up on the goings on of family, there is always conversation to be had.

“There’s never a dull moment” said Hahn “the goal for beginning this class was too shore up the hearts and bodies of those who attend, but the true gains are the personal bonds which are built and nurtured through time and trial together”.

For more information on the RCH Wellness Program contact Angela Hahn at 785-688-4426


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