Re-Opening Marks New Outpatient Center for RCH

This week Rooks County Health Center (RCH) will begin a new phase of easing restrictions on visitors and staff that were put in place to counter the spread of COVID-19. In addition to relaxed restrictions, many visitors and patients will have the first chance to see RCH’s new Outpatient Center located in the main campus of the hospital at 1210 N. Washington, Plainville, KS.

RCH’s new Outpatient Center was created from the spaces left vacant when Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation moved into RCH’s recently completed Rehabilitation Center. The new Outpatient Center allows for multiple patient rooms, conference centers, restrooms and a larger dedicated space for information technology.

“The one advantage of staying in place, we were able to fast-track the renovation of the spaces into the new Outpatient Center,” stated Eric Sumearll, Communications and Development Director, RCH.

In the recent round of loosening restrictions, scheduled to begin June 12, visitors to RCH will no longer be screened at the door, however masks will be encouraged, especially for those who are ill. Visitors can wear their own personal mask or masks will be available at the front desk by request. Patients seeking urgent care may walk-in, at their convenience without an appointment, to be seen at Doctors Without Delay as before. Visitors to patients in the hospital are allowed but will be limited to two at a time.  Furthermore, for the time being, patients will be allowed just one visitor or support person during an outpatient visit.

However, some precautions will remain in place such as RCH staff wearing masks while interacting with patients and frequent cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces. Parking lot waiting rooms, allowing patients with a scheduled appointment the option of waiting in their vehicle rather than a waiting room until they are called into the hospital are also available, just make sure and call the hospital when you arrive. The cafeteria remains closed to the general public.

“We’re living in a new normal and we’ve learned a lot from recent experiences. Mostly that we can never take for granted our health. We know it is very important to re-open so that we can help the residents of Rooks County return to being proactive in their healthcare, rather than wait which can lead to further health complications,” explained Sumearll.

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