RCH’s Newly Formed Patient & Family Advisory Council Begins Work

The new Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) has begun providing insight to Rooks County Health Center (RCH) staff and administration from the point of view of patients and their families who utilize RCH services. RCH formed the special community council in order to incorporate the patient perspective throughout its health care system for improved care and overall experience.

The council consists of community members, Stephanie Vohs, Larry McDermott, Kenda Ross, Dennis Tucker, Deb Clark, Deb Becker, Charles Allphin, Ann Ochampaugh and Candace Rachel who coordinate with RCH staff members Jan Jones, Jolene Whitehair, Jill Chestnut, and Casey Arnold.

“Patient & Family Advisors join RCH medical providers, nurses and administrators in sharing ideas and planning improvements for the hospital. The council provides a means to gather valuable insight from the public on a consistent, proactive basis” according to Casey Arnold, one of the RCH staff coordinators.

Council members completed an application and interview process resulting in nine area citizens who have different patient histories, stories and visions, offering valuable insight into a patient’s point of view regarding the RCH service experience. The goal of the council is to bring patient perspectives directly into the planning, delivery and evaluation of hospital care and to continue to improve safety and quality.


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