RCH Teams Up With County EMS to Provide Training in Emergency Deliveries

Rooks County Health Center (RCH) recently held sessions with Stockton and Plainville first responders to provide training and education on how to safely deliver babies during emergency situations

A total of 16 members of the Stockton and Plainville Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were instructed by RCH Obstetric Nurse Manager and Childbirth Education Coordinator Nancy Sterling, who organized the training. The training was held on September 9 in Stockton and September 16 in Plainville.

Both classes learned how to recognize the difference between early labor, active labor, transition labor and imminent delivery. Each student practiced delivery on an OB mannequin and learned how to provide support for the mother, as well as postpartum and recovery care. Both groups were encouraged to practice delayed cord clamping and to promote skin-to-skin for mom and baby.

Sterling noted that it is very rare for EMS personnel to help with deliveries in the field but that it was a necessary skill to know in the instance of a precipitous delivery during an emergency situation.

Emily Pfeifer, a 4th year medical student currently doing her rural clinic with an emphasis on OB/GYN at RCH assisted with the training for the Plainville class.

Each student practiced a delivery on the OB mannequin and learned how to provide support to the mother.  Also discussed were postpartum care or recovery care.  They were encouraged to practice delayed cord clamping and to promote skin-to-skin bonding for mom and baby.

The course also went over a few possible complications that could happen with delivery and how to deal with those in a non-hospital setting.

In summing up the training, Sterling said “Everyone did great although a lot of folks looked terrified at first. Needless to say the EMS group was relieved to find out that actual instances of emergency responders being called on to deliver a baby are extremely rare. The training went very well and the trainees had fun and will be well prepared if they should have to deliver a baby in an emergency situation, although they also said they will all have my number on speed dial in case they get called for a delivery”.


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