RCH Leads Area Hospitals in Labor and Delivery Training

Nancy Sterling, Director of Labor and Delivery at RCH, conducts a virtual training via Zoom meeting showcasing the new OB training mannequin. Nurses from OB CAH (Critical Access Hospital) Collaborative member hospitals Norton, Gove County, Colby and Smith Center logged in for an introductory session.

The OB CAH Collaborative was established by Nancy, along with 2 other L/D directors, to facilitate better training for CAH nurses in routine labor care along with precipitous or difficult deliveries. Many CAH’s do not perform enough deliveries to adequately train their nursing staff. The mannequin will be used for training at RCH and loaned out to Collaborative member hospitals. This will save many hospitals the expense of buying their own mannequin or sending their staff to RCH for training.

The mannequin offers the ability to train on cervical tests, hemorrhaging and post-partum fundal checks. The mannequin can also be intubated and a fetal mannequin can be positioned at various stages, including breech presentations.

The mannequin was purchased by RCH with funds provided by a generous grant from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, and will serve to promote access to quality health care in the Northwest Kansas region.

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