RCH Earns High 5 for Mom and Baby Recognition for 3 Straight Years

RCH has continued its commitment to infant and maternal health by earning another High 5 for Mom & Baby recognition, a program offered by the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund.

High 5 for Mom & Baby provides resources and a framework to help Kansas hospitals and birthing centers improve health outcomes for breastfeeding women and their infants. To obtain this recognition, each facility is asked to complete a voluntary and self-reported evaluation and to follow evidence-based practices such as maintaining staff competency in lactation support and assuring immediate and sustained skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after birth. 

Along with the recognition of being named a High 5 for Mom & Baby facility, RCH also receives ongoing education and training opportunities, support and resources through a community of delivery centers.

Nancy Sterling, OB Nurse Manager at RCH sums up the High 5 program: “This is our 3rd year of being High 5 for Mom and Baby recognized. We follow their 5 recommendations to improve the care that we provide to our moms and babies. One of the biggest recommendations that is the most helpful is having the mom do skin-to-skin. We’ve had babies born that have respiratory issues after birth. We assess them and intervene if needed, but have found that keeping them skin-to-skin with their mom settles their respiratory symptoms much better.

We really want breastfeeding to be successful for our moms and try to remove any obstacles that may derail them. We do not give out any pacifiers or diaper bags by formula companies any more. The power of suggestion can be too much for some moms.

We’re also very lucky to have amazing lactation counselors here (Megan Casey and Avry St.Peter). Megan is the head of our lactation team and sees every mother who delivers here. They make a great team and our moms and babies see the benefit of their knowledge. We’ve had several success stories where the moms had issues with breastfeeding after going home. Megan has worked with several of them on timing of breastfeeding and how to increase their supply so they could keep going. Some of the stories can make you cry because we honestly have a small amount of hope that it’ll work for them. Then we hear about how they’ve overcome the hardship and are able to breastfeed their baby and do it abundantly. That’s all due to our amazing lactation team who are available 24/7 to help these moms!”

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