RCH Auxiliary Delivers Big for Hospital Expansion

Rooks County Health Center Auxiliary (RCHA) has made yet another large investment in promoting quality health care in Rooks County by donating $10,000 towards the construction of the new Rehabilitation Center at RCH.

This makes a total of $40,300 that RCHA has contributed to the recent hospital expansion over the last 5 years.

Founded in 1983 to promote and advance the welfare of the hospital, RCHA works to educate the public about the importance of health care in Rooks County, and raises funds to help supply state of the art equipment for the hospital as well as to provide scholarships to qualified Rooks County residents who are pursuing careers in health care.

The Auxiliary reaches its fundraising goals by holding the incredibly popular pie sale during the summer Paradise Creek festivities and various bake sales as well as through sales at the RCHA gift shop inside the hospital. Working in conjunction with Mr. K’s and Webster’s grocery stores, money is raised through the discount food card program. For healthcare scholarships they sponsor the annual Memorial Tree Lighting Ceremony held every December.

Nurses who heal and save lives, state of the art equipment to offer the best possible health care to the citizens of Rooks County, all aided by a group of dedicated members of this county, the Rooks County Healthcare Auxiliary, who give their time and talent and energy for the common good. One pie, one cake, one gift item sale at a time.

“We are greatly appreciative of their energy and commitment to enhancing health care in Rooks County,” said Eric Sumearll, Communications and Development Director for RCH.

In summing up the value of RCHA, Sumearll stated, “Auxiliary members are committed to the service of others and are crucial to the support of daily operations of the hospital.”

The RCHA welcomes new members who are looking to make a positive difference in their community. For more information on becoming an Auxiliary member, please contact Diane McReynolds at 785-425-8393 or June Mongeau at 785-434-6080.


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