RCH Athletic Trainer Ups Her Game

Aleesha Wilson, a Certified Athletic Trainer at Rooks County Health Center (RCH), has completed the required coursework and has received her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. The milestone was achieved through an intensive and rigorous course of study at Baylor University.

Originally from Topeka, Wilson reached her long time goal of becoming a Physical Therapist (PT) after two years of a hybrid learning program which included numerous trips down to Baylor University in Waco, Texas University for supervised practical training that lasted for two weeks at a time.

Wilson received her Bachelor of Science degree and certification as an Athletic Trainer from Kansas State University in 2014, and quickly decided that she wanted to become a physical therapist. Her goal was put on hold by the fact that doctoral programs in Physical Therapy were only available at a select few schools, all of which were hundreds of miles away.

Wilson moved to Osborne, Kansas with her husband in 2014 and began working as the Athletic Trainer at RCH. In 2018 she found out that Baylor University was offering a hybrid degree program that consisted of on-line study coupled with frequent trips to the Waco campus for practicums and hands-on study.

Speaking about her career goals, Wilson said “I love being an athletic trainer but I always wanted to do more to help people. When I moved to rural Kansas I kind of gave up on my dream of being a PT. But with the encouragement of my family and the staff at RCH, and the availability of the hybrid course at Baylor, I decided to go for it”.

In explaining the motivation that let her fulfill her dream, Wilson offered that she simply wanted to be able to help a broader and more diverse group of people, adding however that she still loves her work as an athletic trainer and will continue offering that service through RCH.

Summing up her journey from big city life to proud rural Kansas health care provider, Wilson couldn’t help but laugh about her personal transition. “When my husband began his job in Osborne I told him I would stay for one year and then we were moving back to a city, any city! I said one year, but after that first year I realized I never wanted to live anywhere else than where we are now. I love rural life, I love helping others. This is what I dreamed of doing, and I’m so happy doing it in rural Kansas and at RCH”.

Wilson will be taking her new skill set into the brand new Rehabilitation Center at RCH.

 For more information on the therapy services available at RCH, visit RooksCountyHealthCenter.com.


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