New Van Ready to Roll for County Transportation System

The Rooks County Transportation System (RCTS), commonly and affectionately known simply as “The Van” has upgraded its service with the acquisition of a new vehicle. A 2017 Ford Transit arrived on February 16 to replace an older, less efficient vehicle.

The new vehicle can transport up to 8 passengers and 2 wheel chairs at a time and is equipped with a side-door wheelchair lift. Special tracks in the floor will enable the driver to move the seats in order to accommodate passengers who need extra room, optimizing efficiency and safety.

Johnna Lambert, Director of the RCTS, along with driver Bill Harmon, picked up the new van in Manhattan where it had its final inspection by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

According to Lambert, the vehicle was the first one off the modification production line and therefore the first one inspected and cleared by KDOT. “We’re glad and excited that this was the first off the line because KDOT did the complete and final inspection so we know it was done thoroughly”.

Lambert went on to say that the new van would be more efficient, being able to transport more riders safely and comfortably, making ride scheduling easier as well. In 2016 the RCTS program logged 83,927 miles on 5112 trips for Rooks County residents.

The transportation system is available only to Rooks County citizens, but can transport those riders to destinations in Phillips, Osborne, Graham and Ellis counties as well. The system is funded through KDOT, by the city governments of Rooks County as well as passenger and other individual donations. The new van was partially funded by a grant from the Rooks County Healthcare Foundation.

For more information on the Rooks County Transportation System or to schedule a ride call 785-434-4553.


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