New Hydrotherapy Pool Installed at RCH Expansion Project

A major component of the new Rehabilitation Center being built on the north side of the Rooks County Health Center (RCH) was completed on August 16, bringing the project down to the home stretch towards a September completion date.

The new zero-entry hydrotherapy pool, the only one of its kind in Western Kansas, was filled with water and the treadmill was tested by RCH CEO AJ Thomas last Friday.

The pool, complete with underwater treadmill and cameras, will enable patients to begin rehabilitation therapy faster by lowering a platform with the patient into the desired depth of water for treatment. Most pools require a patient to walk down steps into the water, or be lowered with a crane while in a wheelchair.

The underwater cameras allow the therapists to watch and measure a patient’s progress in returning to normal, comfortable and safe walking. Foot placement, hip and knee movement when facilitating walking and gait analysis can all be monitored with the cameras. The treadmill can remain stationary or set to walking, jogging or running paces.

Asked about the impact that the new addition will have on health care in the region, Scott Carpenter, RCH Director of Rehabilitation Services said “RCH’s Physical Therapy department has dramatically improved the health and physical capabilities of so many people, young and old, in our area. We’ve come a long way from the days when the therapy department was three converted patient rooms in the old hospital. There’s a tremendous need for all the therapies the RCH offers, physical, occupational and speech, and we’re going to make sure that all of our therapy staff have the space and resources to continue their work that is so important to so many people”.

Other aspects of the construction of the 11,000 square foot facility that have been completed include site concrete for the parking lot curb and gutter, sidewalks and storm water flume and window installation. Interior painting, flooring and wall tile installation, cabinetry and counter top installation are all near completion as well as the outdoor courtyard. Landscaping is expected to begin in the next week.

Plans for a grand opening event are being made for either late September or early October.




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