Loved Ones Memorialized by RCH Auxiliary

In the weeks before Christmas, the RCH Auxiliary begins selling memorial lights in memory of a deceased loved one. All funds raised through the sale of memorial lights make it possible for a Rooks County resident or an RCH Employee to receive a scholarship once they are accepted into a human health care program. The hope is that the recipient will later be in a position to ease the pain of someone’s loved one, find a cure for a dreaded disease or even safe a life.

This year the Auxiliary created a presentation where you can watch as each name is read aloud. You can see the link at:  There is also a book with each name listed available for viewing at the entrance of RCH.

Several scholarship recipients are currently employed at Rooks County Health Center, Post Rock Family Medicine or Doctors Without Delay including: Brooke Foster, Cricket Schmidt, LaDonna Shetterly, Heather Shamburg and Courtney Casey. 

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