Longtime Foundation Member Steps Down

Troy Hixon, current vice-president of Rooks County Healthcare Foundation (RCHF), is stepping down after 19 years of board involvement, citing a desire to free up some of his time and the need for “new blood” on the Foundation board. A gathering in Hixon’s honor will be held 6 p.m. Thursday, August 24 at the Rooks County Health Center’s Education Center located at the intersection of K-18 and US HWY 183. The public is invited and refreshments will be served.

Hixon joined the Foundation in 1999, eventually serving in leadership capacities such as Treasurer and Vice President. He recalled his first years as a member, when the foundation held fund raising events on an ad hoc basis to support the various health care entities in the county such as the nursing homes, Rooks County Cancer Council, Stockton Medical Clinic and Rooks County Health Center (RCH). 

Carson LeMaar, RCHF President, recalled “Troy was always eager to help make ice cream, funnel cakes, or whatever was needed for the events we put on in the early years. Whether it was some of the more tedious work required for a successful fund raiser, or donating his time in a leadership capacity on the board, Troy has been there for us.”

In the years since Hixon joined, the Foundation undergone many changes. From the early days of simple fundraisers netting a few thousand dollars a year, to more recent efforts in helping raise millions for the Stockton Medical Clinic and the current RCH expansion for a new wing to house physical therapy and cardiac rehab. 

In summing up Hixon’s time at RCHF, LeMaar stated “With Troy’s help, we’ve been able to help the hospital and the Stockton Medical Clinic expand and build new structures beyond any of our dreams in the early years of the Foundation. We’ve been able to greatly increase the support we give to other health care entities in Rooks County such as EMS services, Cancer Council and the nursing homes, among others. We all thank Troy for his 19 years of service in support of health care in Rooks County.”

New members are always welcome to aid the RCHF in its mission to serve Rooks County. For more information on the RCHF call Eric Sumearll, Executive Director, at 785-688-4428.


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