Life Saving 3-D Technology Comes to Rooks County

Emerging 3-D technology credited with catching breast cancer sooner is now available at Rooks County Health Center (RCH) located 1210 N. Washington, one mile north of Plainville on Hwy 183. RCH’s new 3-D tomography service is capable of obtaining up to 300 images for better cancer detection compared to earlier 2-D mammograms which provide only 4 images.

RCH’s radiology department expects the number of cancer screenings performed to increase 25% with the new 3-D technology and encourages patients to schedule their annual mammogram a little earlier. RCH provides screenings onsite from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday with after-hour mammograms offered 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. the second Tuesday of every month.

“3-D is a game changer in the local fight against breast cancer,” explained Eric Sumearll, RCH Communications and Development Director. “It detects cancer sooner, catching 41% more instances of invasive breast cancer and 29% more instances of all breast cancers. And because it is more accurate there will be substantially fewer false positive readings, meaning fewer patients and their families will have to endure the psychological, emotional and economic costs that occur in those instances.”

According to Sumearll, the 3-D tomography system detects smaller clusters of cancer cells in normal breast tissue as well as cancers in dense breast tissue which are frequently missed by 2-D machines. Catching the cancer as early as possible leads to a greater probability of a positive outcome for patients.

“Being able to bring the best technology to provide the best possible patient care as soon as it is available is a priority for Rooks County Health Center,” said Sumearll. “We can’t thank enough those who continue to support the healthcare in Rooks County.”

RCH and the Rooks County Healthcare Foundation partnered with local foundations, business and private donors to secure the funding needed for the purchase of the equipment. Special thanks go to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, Astra Bank, the Heartland Community Foundation and private donors Cecil Crawford and Eleanor Becker.

The generous support of these donors goes far beyond providing the best technology available to protect area women from breast cancer. The support of these donors, coupled with the skill and compassion of the Radiology staff at RCH, will lead to better healthcare outcomes and save more women’s lives in Northwest Kansas.

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