Every Day will be Friday in 2021

RCH cancels its discounted health screening program held the first Friday of every month, called First Friday Screenings, in order
to offer the same screenings at a discount on a daily basis. The screenings now will be offered 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through

“Residents of Rooks County and the surrounding area have become more proactive in their healthcare prompting the
dissolution of RCH’s popular First Friday Screening program,” explained Eric Sumearll, RCH Communications Director.

According to Sumearll, the demand has far outweighed what RCH can accommodate in one day, so RCH announces Affordable
Wellness Tests with permanent discounts for its screening now offered daily to allow the public better access. The screenings
which include diabetic health, men’s health, cardiac health and tests for ruling out strep throat or mono, among other things, can
be requested by an individual without a doctor’s order. The tests range from $7 to $46 with a $5 collection fee with each visit. The
results are available the same day, given directly to the patient.

“Testing typically takes less than 15 minutes and a person can find out where they stand in their own healthcare,” commented
Sumearll. The tests are confidential and given directly to the patient to share with their provider if they so choose. Sumearll
cautions, “these tests are not intended to replace doctor visits or diagnose medical conditions. If you have symptoms of an illness
you should see your physician.”

Opening the tests to be discounted on a daily basis also allowed for a wider menu of tests to be offered. Those interested in
learning more about RCH’s health screenings can visit RooksCountyHealthCenter.com

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