Dr. Lynn Fisher Honored for Years of Service

Dr. Lynn Fisher was honored for his 13 years of service at RCH with the installation of his portrait on the Doctors Wall of Fame on April 28.

A group of nearly 40 family, friends and well-wishers were on hand to give heartfelt testimonials about Dr. Fisher’s care, compassion, professionalism and impact on the lives of so many since joining the RCH staff in 2006.

Dr. Fisher recently accepted a teaching position with the Kansas University School of Medicine.

Education has been a long-held goal for Dr. Fisher who stated “By working with students early I can get them interested in family medicine and then can get them interested in practicing in rural areas. If I can convince just a couple of students to do family medicine and practice in rural areas, I can have more impact than just through my individual practice”

Dr. Fisher graduated from the University of Kansas Medical School and did his residency at North Colorado Family Medicine in Greely, CO. After practicing for a year in Great Bend he began looking for a new challenge and reached out to RCH provider, Dr. Jen Brull, whom he knew, and she encouraged him to consider RCH.

“I’ve always been excited that I could work in this amazing, cutting edge, state of the art facility. RCH allowed me to expand the scope of my practice. I was proud to help RCH expand its OB services,” stated Dr. Fisher. According to Dr. Fisher, in his time with RCH he delivered whole families, up to four babies for some couples. In one day, he could experience the full circle of life, where he might see a patient in hospice pass in the morning then deliver a baby in the afternoon.

Summing up his experience here, Dr. Fisher said “Everything that’s good about rural medicine is exemplified here at RCH”.

A physician to replace Dr. Fisher has been recruited and is expected to begin practice at RCH in the fall.

Dr. Fisher will move to Wichita to teach in the KU School of Medicine’s Dept. of Family Medicine. His last day of practice at RCH will be May 24.


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