Community Sews Compassion and Comfort

As the Rooks County community faces the challenge of COVID-19 it is important to remember the thoughtfulness and goodwill that individuals, businesses, civic and social groups demonstrate through their words and deeds every day.

As the current pandemic event approached the county, Idona Duncan, owner of Stitch and Chatter in Stockton, contacted Rooks County Health Center (RCH) to see what she could do to help support patients and hospital staff. When told by Pam Harmon, RCH Chief Nursing Officer, that blankets to warm and comfort patients would be much appreciated, Duncan called upon Crossroads Quilters, a local quilting group with members from around the county, to fill the need.

Members of the group, including Duncan, Karen Reed, Judy Russ, Diane Maddy, Linda Gilbert and Janie Lowry had already been making masks for patients in nursing homes and assisted living homes around the nation in states such as Texas, Colorado and Arizona. When it became evident that the virus would impact Rooks County the focus turned towards supporting patients at RCH.

This group of civic minded seamstresses responded to the call and began making beautiful, warm and comforting blankets for RCH patients, which were delivered to the hospital by Diane Maddy. 

This creative act of care and kindness is hardly the first for the Quilters. They have been providing the homemade blanket for the Rooks County New Year’s Baby for years, as well as sewing Quilts of Valor for local veterans, producing over 100 such quilts in just the last 3 years.

Other examples of community members stepping up to support the hospital during this difficult time include Cynthia Steeples, who sewed numerous facemasks that patients or staff can use when out in public, Elaine Hrabe who has been making facemasks for Redbud Village and the Plainville Pizza Hut which delivered free, fresh pizzas to the night shift nursing staff at RCH recently.

Rooks County Health Center is greatly appreciative, and is proud to be a partner in such a caring and supportive community.


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