12.28.15 | January First Friday Screening Date Changed Due To New Year’s Day

Traditionally, people waited for an annual health fair to receive discounted lab work and screenings, but Rooks County Health Center’s First Friday Screenings allow people to be even more proactive in their health and choose the time that fits their needs and schedule best.  Discounted tests are offered the first Friday of every month, unless a holiday falls on the date, with RCH’s First Friday Screenings.

The First Friday Screenings of 2016 will move to January 8 since the first Friday of the month falls on New Year’s Day. In February, the screenings will resume being held the first Friday of every month.

“First Fridays Screenings allow people to see what’s going on with their health to potentially avoid costly health issues in the future. People aren’t limited to an annual health fair or scheduling requests through their physician,” Sami Werner, RCH Laboratory Manager.

Tests take as little as 15 minutes and are offered at a greater discount on the first Friday of the month.  Tests include screenings for cardiac/heart health, diabetic health and colon health. Fasting for 12-14 hours is required for cardiac/heart health and eight hours for diabetic health screenings.

The cardiac/heart health screening can help determine whether one has a slight, moderate or high chance of having a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke. If someone has a history or family history of high lipids or just wants to know risk estimates, this is a good screening for that purpose. The colon health screening is recommended annually at the age of 50 for both men and women. The diabetic health screening is a combination of tests for a good overall view of one’s diabetic health. It is recommended every 3 to 12 months as suggested by your doctor.

If the first Friday of each month does not work for you, Affordable Wellness Tests are offered Monday through Friday.  Visit with an RCH lab technologist to consider which test(s) best serve your needs.

Werner reminds all participants that screenings aren’t intended to replace doctor visits or diagnose medical conditions. If someone is having symptoms of an illness, they should visit their physician first.


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