10.13.15 | Mammograms Help Save Lives

Mammograms can save lives by detecting cancer earlier than a physical exam or physical symptoms of breast cancer appear in most cases. Rooks County Health Center’s three registered mammography technologists perform approximately 700 mammograms yearly. In the past year, they found six instances of breast cancer through mammography.

Of the six cases of breast cancer detected last year, four of the necessary biopsies were completed at RCH. “The reading radiology group we consult with travels to our facility weekly to perform various procedures,” said Karen Harris, RCH Radiology Director.  “Our three registered mammography technologists are well-versed in performing mammograms, dealing with implants and other specialty views required by the reading radiologists.”   

According to the American Cancer Society, early detection of breast cancer by mammography leads to a greater range of treatment options, including less-extensive surgery such as lumpectomy and the use of chemotherapy with fewer serious side effects, or even, in some cases, the option to forgo chemotherapy. It’s important to not let misconceptions like not having a family history or being too young or excuses like a busy schedule or fear of the exam being uncomfortable keep a person from getting a yearly mammogram.  These misconceptions and excuses could cost lives by preventing cancer from being detected at an early stage.

“Mammography helps catch cancer at an earlier stage. This enables physicians to offer women more choices in regards to their treatment, so early detection not only save lives, but it helps preserve quality of life as well. The take home message for women is clear: start getting annual mammograms at age 40,” said Gail Lebovic, MD, breast surgeon and president of the American Society of Breast Disease.

RCH’s registered mammography technologists take the time and care to make sure each patient is comfortable during the 20 minute screening. Please call (785) 688-4424 to schedule a mammography screening.

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