02.09.15 | RCH Demonstrates Diligence Against Heart Disease with Open House Tuesday

Rooks County Health Center (RCH) recognizes that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the Unites States, more than all types of cancer combined. Unlike cancer, heart disease can often be prevented. To further awareness of these preventative measures, RCH Cardiac Rehabilitation is hosting an open house 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday, February 17 on campus at 1210 N. Washington Street, Plainville.

“One in four deaths is attributed to heart disease, yet it can be prevented by making healthy choices and managing health conditions,” stated Dinah VanSchuyver, RN, RCH’s Cardiac Rehab Director. “RCH’s heart health experts can guide you in making crucial life changes for a minimal monthly fee, which we are waiving this fee for the first month in honor of American Heart Month.”

According to VanSchuyver, the open house is an opportunity to tour the department and its resources that are available to the public for use without a doctor’s order. Commonly referred to Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Program, participants receive education on diet, exercise, stress and emergency management. The program offers these services in addition to on-site monitoring of participants as they exercise for a monthly fee of $50. Now through the end of February, those participants who commit to three months will receive their first month free.

“Managing health conditions is particularly crucial for those who have a genetic history of heart disease, RCH can offer screenings to help identify what a person’s risks are and then teach them to manage it successfully and be prepared in case of an emergency,” said VanSchuyver.

Troy Hixon, a Plainville resident, knows all too well the importance of managing his heart health. “When my uncle passed away suddenly at age 48 from heart disease, my aunt impressed upon us the importance of getting screenings for heart health. I learned at a young age that I had several genetic risks factors. I worked closely with my doctors to manage my heart health and to understand what I should do in an emergency.”

On October 9, just a few weeks after the birth of his first grandson, Hixon woke to uncomfortable pressure in his chest. The pressure grew, which caused him to leave work and arrive at RCH. He immediately went to the Emergency Room where he was stabilized and transferred to Hays Medical Center. Within 45 minutes of presenting at RCH, a stent had been placed in his LED artery that was 100 percent blocked. Hixon had just survived a heart attack.

“Three things attribute to my being here today. I took advantage of health screenings, I did my best to manage my health conditions and then I had immediate access to a critical care hospital that was able to stabilize me and get me into surgery working seamlessly with Hays Medical Center,“ explained Hixon. “Thanks to RCH I can look forward to many more years with my family and new grandbaby.”

For more information on Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Program, contact Dinah VanSchuyver at 688-4426 or email dvanschuyver@plainville.hpmin.com.

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