02.02.15 | Doctors Without Delay Sets Record, Services to Expand

Doctors Without Delay, the six day a week walk-in clinic located inside Rooks County Health Center, set a new record of patients served and announces plans to expand its growing diagnostic services, which allows patients immediate testing without leaving the facility.

“Urgent care by its very nature means time is of the essence, Doctors Without Delay was founded on this principle so having immediate access to medical care and all testing available in a state-of-the-art hospital by just walking across the lobby, saves our patients valuable time and often reduces expenses preventing an unnecessary trip to the ER, ambulance fees or additional travel,” stated Mike Sinclair CEO.

Doctors Without Delay’s record setting year included approximately 25 percent growth in new patients from all over northwest Kansas who benefitted from the clinic’s access to all new in-house ultrasound machines and CT scanner. With the new equipment, patients experienced immediate testing with little wait time. These improvements are being followed with a new in-house MRI system later this year.

“Our core philosophy is to provide patients the best care in an efficient, timely manner. So we added additional ultrasound machines to reduce wait times and our new CT system provides faster exams. Also the CT opening is spacious, less confining for the patient while using two-thirds less radiation than other scanners,” said Sinclair.

This philosophy also applies to patients who may require emergency services.

“People often have a non-urgent condition, but it feels like an emergency to them. Doctors Without Delay providers assess patients and treat their concerns, but if their condition merits emergency intervention, providers can quickly transfer them to the emergency department without leaving the building,” said Sinclair.

Another new service available to patients is the ability to receive counseling regarding applying for private health insurance. “We’ve noticed that patients with health insurance are more likely to participate in preventative health practices. We’d like to help more people seek medical help to prevent illness rather than wait it out and we see them after an illness has already taken hold. We feel prevention is the ultimate care one can provide,” said Sinclair.

Doctors Without Delay was established in 2011 and is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday inside Rooks County Health Center 1210 N. Washington Street, Plainville.

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