01.26.15 | Rooks County Cancer Council Fundraising Successes

Rooks County Cancer Council recently received an award for $1,250 from Walmart’s Hunger Relief and Healthy Eating charitable giving focus to provide ongoing voucher support for cancer patients in Rooks County. This award joined with $3,100 from a campaign in November 2014 will help the Cancer Council support residents of Rooks County undergoing treatment for cancer.

“The generosity from local supporters and Walmart enables Rooks County Cancer Council to assist nearly nine Rooks County residents in 2015,” said Kandie Morain, RCCC member. “In 2014, the Cancer Council provided assistance to 12 patients, so these funds make a significant impact.”

RCCC allows Rooks County residents undergoing cancer treatment up to $500 annually in fuel and nutritional supplement vouchers. These vouchers are redeemable at gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies within Rooks County.

“Nutritional supplements include vital nutrients the body needs to aid in keeping body weight and strength while fighting infection and the effects of cancer treatments. Between treatment and follow-up appointments, cancer patients are regularly traveling, which is why Rooks County Cancer Council chooses to provide assistance specifically with supplements and fuel,” said Morain.

Rook County Cancer Council is a volunteer organization under the guidance of the Rooks County Healthcare Foundation. RCCC provides support materials and information on cancer prevention and early detection to individuals, schools, groups and organizations. Call (785) 688-4428 to request educational materials or to schedule a visit from an RCCC volunteer. Volunteers and services are available to all residents throughout Rooks County.

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