Hospital’s New Addition Another Plus for Rooks County

Since opening its new facility conveniently located on U.S. highway 183, Rooks County Health Center (RCH) has expanded its role not only within the county, but also throughout northwest Kansas drawing many to Rooks County for services. The new MRI/Nuclear Medicine suite to open later this year is expected to bring even more visitors to Rooks County as proven by RCH’s other initiatives according to Eric Sumearll, RCH Communications and Development Director.

First of these initiatives was the development of First Friday Screenings that welcomed all to become proactive in their own health on a regular basis at discounted rates. The program expanded public awareness of health screenings and increased accessibility to the point that annual health fairs were no longer needed.

RCH followed this up by opening Doctors Without Delay, the first full service, walk-in clinic in northwest Kansas. The success of this clinic was instant, consistently pulling nearly half its patients from outside Rooks County and introducing them to the area.

In addition, the hospital’s foresight to embrace young families and build two labor and delivery suites has proved invaluable not only for Rooks County residents, but also for many in northwest Kansas as many rural hospitals across the U.S. currently struggle to meet standards necessary to deliver babies.

The new MRI/Nuclear Medicine suite is expected to be another testament to RCH’s mission to provide the most advanced health care available to residents of Rooks County and beyond.

“Benefits for patients include quicker scheduling, lessened stress, the convenience of money and time saved by receiving services close to home,” commented Sumearll. “When patients benefit, the county benefits by keeping Rooks County dollars in Rooks County and for people from surrounding counties for whom a trip to Hays would be even more inconvenient, time consuming and expensive they now have another option keeping their dollars closer to home as well.”

Details for the opening of the new MRI/Nuclear Medicine suite can be found online at along with information on all RCH’s services.




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