Rooks County Cancer Council

The hours and days after being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming. Look to the Rooks County Cancer Council for personal guidance to bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment.


It’s your battle. Draw strength from knowing how the disease works and how you can manage it. Rooks County Cancer Council (RCCC) can provide you with up-to-date sources to locate relevant information for your type of cancer, treatment options and survivor experiences until you’re able to meet with your team of experts. RCCC will help you navigate the mass of information at your disposal and assist with the paperwork to secure resources that you’ll need as part of your planned treatment.

Financial Services

The good news is that with each passing day, our knowledge of cancer and how to manage the disease improves. However, the cost of treatment can be overwhelming. Your team of professionals will be able to advise you on insurance and payment programs. RCCC can assist you with securing additional financial resources. Call 688-4428 to schedule an appointment with an RCCC volunteer to learn more.

Support Materials

Fuel, nutritional supplements, mobility equipment, medical assistive equipment, even cosmetic materials — RCCC knows where to go for your changing needs as you go through this trying process. Cancer takes its toll not only physically but mentally. You’ll find you’re now a member of a diverse and unique family. Support is everywhere. RCCC will help you find the right kind of support.

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About the Rooks County Cancer Council

Rooks County Cancer Council is a volunteer agency under the guidance of the Rooks County Healthcare Foundation. RCCC provides support materials and information on cancer prevention and early detection to individuals, schools, groups and organizations. Call 688-4428 to request educational materials or to schedule a visit from an RCCC volunteer. Volunteers and services are available to all residents throughout Rooks County. 
Call 785-688-4428
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