Pain Management

Rooks County Health Center is dedicated to treating those who suffer from pain. We empathize with the burden chronic pain creates for you and those closest to you. RCH provides an array of life changing, non-invasive, and non-opioid based pain treatments.

RCH’s pain specialist and therapists are trained in the most technologically advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services currently available to provide effective and innovative pain management solutions. Our goal is to help patients reduce their chronic pain, eliminate their dependence on drugs and return to an independent lifestyle.

Whether your pain is persistent pain or pain experienced as a result of a recent medical procedure, RCH’s trained staff works closely with your primary care physician to assess the cause of your pain and find the best treatment option. You may even be able to begin treatment during your initial visit.

Through a number of RCH’s programs, you can overcome pain to live a fuller life even potentially avoid costly, intrusive procedures in the future. If you experience pain or discomfort, the first step is having a conversation with your doctor.

More Than Just “Talking”

RCH can help you if you have difficulty swallowing or if you feel the quality of your voice is deteriorating making it difficult to communicate. Speech Therapy also assists with cognitive related conditions such as memory, attention, problem solving, thought organization, reasoning/judgment, new learning and social skills.

Optimize Movement and Function

Whether you need to increase back stability, improve strength and endurance after an injury or suffer from dizziness and headaches, RCH’s Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive treatment plan and individualized home exercises to restore and maximize mobility. RCH’s Physical Therapists may be able to help without a referral from your physician and is covered by most insurance companies. Call 785.688.4425 for more information. 

New! – Now Offering Dry Needling

Experience Dry Needling, the innovative approach that helps release muscle tissues and relieve pain without the use of medication. Dry needling doesn’t just treat pain symptoms, instead it addresses the actual cause of pain. Professionally trained physical therapists use thin needles inserted into trigger points to relief tension and restore function. RCH is one of the first hospitals in western Kansas to offer this new service.

New! – Now Offering ASTYM and IASTYM

Astym® and IASTYM treatments regenerate healthy soft tissues while removing undesirable scar tissue which may be causing you pain or restriction in your movement. The success of this treatment is that it resolves the underlying cause of soft tissue problems, rather than just providing temporary relief of symptoms. It is proven effective for tendinopathies, scar tissue problems and other soft tissue dysfunctions. In order to determine whether IASTYM treatments are right for you, visit with your doctor or one of RCH’s Astym® Certified Physical Therapists at 785.688.4425.

Heal Faster & More Comfortably

Everyday RCH’s Wound Care Clinic is available to both inpatients and outpatients. Initial evaluations are scheduled 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Various treatments are available depending on the type of wound, including venous stasis ulcers, decubitus ulcers, cuts, burns, surgical wounds with poor healing, etc.

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