Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Everyone knows the importance of diet and exercise, but did you know that RCH’s heart health experts can guide you in making these crucial lifestyle changes for a minimal monthly fee? Even without history of heart disease, illness or a doctor’s order you can participate. For $50 per month, you’ll receive education on diet, exercise, stress and emergency management. RCH’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Staff personalizes an in-house exercise program for each individual and monitors participants if they so desire. Call 785-688-4426 today to reserve your place in RCH’s Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation program.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation makes a big difference in the quality of life that patients recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery, angioplasty and/or angina are able to achieve. It takes more than surgery to achieve real heart health — it involves a change of heart about lifestyle choices.

This program emphasizes exercise, education, counseling and behavioral modifications as patients are given the tools they need to make heart health a lifelong goal. The Cardiac Rehab team — including the program director, nurses, and dietician — guides each patient in an effort to build not only heart health but a lifetime commitment to the process.

There are many benefits to cardiac rehab:

  • Safe, effective and supervised program
  • Improved physical function
  • Patient will have a better, more educated understanding of heart health
  • Supportive staff and support from other program participants
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased self-confidence and well-being

Is Cardiac Rehab Right for You?

You can find out if Cardiac Rehab is right for you by talking with your doctor. Many insurance carriers cover rehabilitation programs; please check with your insurance company to determine your specific coverage. Graduates of Cardiac Rehab tell us that one of the greatest benefits of the program is being able to “feel like yourself again.”


For individuals who have completed the Cardiac Rehab program, Rooks County Health Center also offers a maintenance program that patients may join in order to continue their “heart health” program.

Phase II Cardiac Rehab

Phase II Cardiac Rehab is for patients who have recently had a cardiac event such as MI, stent placement or angioplasty or bypass. Phase II patients are always on telemetry monitoring and routinely receive blood pressure checks. Includes diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle teaching to increase patient’s well-being and physical functioning.

Phase III Cardiac Rehab – Available to the Public

Phase III Cardiac Rehab is for those who have graduated Phase II or anyone who wants to exercise or improve their health. Includes education on diet, exercise, stress and emergency management to increase patient’s well-being and physical functioning.

Angela Hahn, RN, Director
Aleesha Wilson, ATC,
Athletic Trainer

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